A2/B1: The $100,000 dog!

If you’re a dog lover, you’re in for a treat. Here are two doggy videos that will surprise you. Level: medium •  Category: listening; vocabulary

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Dictionaries & Vocabulary


Dictionary definitions with lots of examples in Spanish and English.


A visual web of words. See vocabulary differently!


Great definitions, examples of usage and then games!

Word Reference

Dictionary with forum to see how to use words and phrases in context.


British Council - Quick Grammar

Traditional explanations and practice

English Grammar

Definitions, rules, quizzes and tips

English Club Grammar

All the grammar basics. Don't miss the quizzes and games!

A4ESL Grammar Quizzes

Intermediate grammar quizzes. Level up if it's too easy!

ESL Lounge - Grammar

Advanced level exercises and grammar guide.

ESL Grammar Games

Test yourself with some "fun" games

Speaking & Pronunciation

Conversation Exchange

Find yourself an exchange partner


Youglish searches youtube videos for the word you type. Great for pronunciation!

BBC Sounds of English

How to make your words flow easily

BBC Sounds of English

Heather Hansen Heather has lots of pronunciation videos and quick tips!

Videos & Listening

Podcasts In English

Regular videos, arranged by level

TED Talks

Hundreds of talks on new ideas


Video explainers with questions and discussion

ESL Bits

Read and listen to audio books and short podcasts

A+ Business Series

Intermediate level business course in 15 episodes.

VOA Learning English

The "English in a minute" section gives detailed breakdowns of English idioms.

English radio

Listen to English music and talk radio over the internet. Choose from 100s of stations!


ESL Lounge - Reading

Try texts and questions marked "intermediate" or "advanced".

ESOL Reading Activities

Choose your level and pick an activity. Simple!

ESL Bits

Read and listen to audio books and short podcasts


Chat with Mitsuku

Write to Mitsuku. She's a chatbot, and she's always there to write back!

English Club Writing

Lots of great writing tips, including spelling and punctuation.

British Council Writing

Complete a series of writing tasks. For "higher" level, choose "B2" and C1".

Write & Improve

Do a writing task and get automatic feedback. Impressive!

Cambridge First Certificate (FCE)

FCE - Official

How the Cambridge First Certificate exam works.

Exam English - FCE

Practice questions for all sections of the FCE exam.

Flo-Joe: First

Information, practice and vocabulary for the FCE exam.

English Aula - First

Exercises include speaking and listening sections!